How to increase your Facebook Page engagement

Facebook is constantly evolving and we as users are going along on the exciting ride.

Well, at least I think it’s exciting!

As a social media enthusiast, I really do love these rapid and mind-boggling changes. BUT as a business owner and community page manager, it can sometimes be very exhausting and yes, even a little difficult to keep up at times.

So, here are a few tips to help increase your Facebook Page power organically (whilst simultaneously engaging your target audience)!

1. Put your own name to your Facebook Page posts.

Let’s face it – no one wants to talk to a business. We want to talk to a person and contrary to some beliefs, social media should be about the human contact, not the tools that enable this.

So, on Facebook let your fans know who you are behind the brand or company page.

This is especially helpful if you have 2 or more Page Admins – always sign off with your personal signature.

2. Share some personal information behind your brand.

No, this doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear that you are “feeling down” for the fourth time that week.

Keep it relevant, on topic and of interests to your fans.

Talking About This
Share relevant, fun information

3. When you log into Facebook, switch to your Facebook Page.

This simple technique, not only helps promote your Page, but your best posts will appear simultaneously on your Page and in your Friends’ timeline feeds.

Plus you’ll see new comments and updates from fans straight away. BONUS!

(Simply click on the tiny down-arrow tab beside your login and, under “Use Facebook as…”, select your Facebook Page name.)

4. Think “Community”.

Your page should never just be all about you (or your Company).

It should be about the people who care and share on your page; who love your product/services; find you helpful, fascinating or just plain fun; who have lots to say about the niche you share with them.

Support their pages also, by liking, commenting and sharing their content also.

Don’t just post on your page and think your jobs done. Build a Community!

5. Always acknowledge.

This doesn’t mean you have to comment on every single post – but at least read them. Regularly!

It costs you nothing at all to hit the “Like” button when someone posts a thoughtful or animated comment on your page, even if no answer seems required.

What you are giving the commenter is recognition, one of the most important motivators and rewards in human interaction. You’re telling your commenter that their words mattered and therefore so does he/she.

6. Answer questions.

As for actual questions, particularly when they spill over into customer service – answer them with a measure of immediacy.

Nothing makes people engage more than seeing “it’s worth it”. And if there’s a problem, when other niche members see you respond quickly to address it, instead of shooting down their confidence in you or your product, your prompt response increases confidence.

7. Learn from complaints and feedback.

Comments and posts on your site are a fabulous source of free research data, from the very people you want to attract!

So check your Page for new comments daily; acknowledge, thank and make notes! Especially about any negative feedback.

8. Kill the spam.

The beauty of Timeline is that it allows you to delete or hide posts or comments that are spammy.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that you should erase any comments that don’t praise you to the skies or even those that make valid criticism.

It simply means that if yours is a food Page all about new gourmet products and recipes, you don’t want some jerk posting things like: “CARS ACCESSORIES CHEAP! GET YOURS WHILE THEY LAST!” Enough said.

9. Flood of Responses.

If you notice a post is getting a flood of responses, let it sit and do its work for a while!

Don’t push it out of sight with more posts.

You can also “Pin It” to the top of your Page feed for seven days… and even bring it back and re-feature it, every now and again, that is if the topic doesn’t get outdated.

10. DO respond and engage …

  • “Like”
  • Share
  • Answer questions
  • Add information
  • Thank them for bringing something to your attention
  • Above all – ACKNOWLEDGE!

If you’re looking for ideas on what content to post on Facebook that may engage your audience, why not read our 15 Fan-Tastic Facebook Post Ideas.

Now I’d love to hear from you! What’s working on your page to keep your community engaged?

Until next time…..


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