Are you still.....

  • Spinning your wheels trying to keep up with it all?

  • Overwhelmed and don’t know where to focus your energies?

  • Anxious because the time spent on social media is taking you away from other important business tasks?

  • Confused about how to move social media followers through your sales funnel and convert them to satisfied customers?

  • Unsure if your social media efforts are actually showing any real benefits to your business?

  • READY to cut through the noise, create a plan, measure your progress and gain sales from your social media efforts?

Don't worry. You are not alone!

Many business owners and marketers feel the same. They're just getting by.

So we created Social Media Essentials - a simple, flexible online learning program, specifically for tourism, hospitality, food and wine business owners and marketers.


Social Media Essentials for Tourism, Hospitality, Food & Wineries

Get savvy, streamline your strategies, and make social media work for your business.

Social Media Essentials is a 5 module online training program guiding you through the necessary steps to successfully manage your social media channels.

This instant access eCourse is based on proven tactics we use for clients, and is accompanied by support via an exclusive online forum with a growing community.

Social media essentials covers the core strategies and breaks down exactly what you need to know with easy 'how-to' videos.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with after completing Social Media Essentials:

  • A clear understanding of your target audience and how to leverage social media for effective connection and engagement


    Tools to create and also curate content that is highly engaging and is still on-brand


    The best ever one page plan and how to track and measure the true effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts, month after month, so you’re growing your business in a healthy way


    A yearly posting calendar to keep you on track, avoiding pointless spray and pray tactics


    How to confidently express your own brand voice, unique message and social style


    A step by step roadmap to turn social media fans into website visitors and then into actual buyers


    Manageable methods to cut down overwhelm and keep you on track

Social Media essentials includes:

Our Guarantee

guaranteeWe are fully committed to helping you with your social media business needs. If you undertake the program and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. We do this because we take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of encouragement and action-oriented learning.

Important: To be eligible for a refund, we require your completed homework from all available modules. This means you must take action in this program. We know that if you take action and do the work, you’ll get results.

Who is it for?

Why Social Media Essentials?

This course is designed for the super busy hospitality, tourism, food or wine business owner or marketer looking for indispensable social media tactics to grow business.

You’re probably using social media already in your business and realise the importance of listening, connecting and engaging. BUT are still unsure of how to employ social media successfully to grow sales.

  • Barbara Ludlow - Barossa Valley Ballooning
    The structure of Tania’s courses are excellent, she is intuitive to the needs of the group and individual and creates an atmosphere of ‘yes we can’.
    Barbara Ludlow - Barossa Valley Ballooning

Instant access to 5 modules of jam packed information in the Social Media Essentials program.

Each training module contains bite sized videos on each topic + worksheets, templates and extra resources to help you progress through the course.

Set aside 1 to 2 hours per module to watch videos and complete the exercises provided in the lessons.

This is a flexible learning program. You can complete the course when and where it suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I set aside for this course? +

We suggest 1 hour to listen to the module videos and read through the worksheets. Then set another hour aside to really dig deep to get the most out of each module by doing the course work. Pop onto the Facebook Group and ask questions of your fellow participants. You don’t have to do all of these things to gain benefit, but we do suggest at a minimum put aside 2 hours per module.

Do I have to do homework? +

Yes, you do need to do work to gain benefits. It’s not too taxing but really, if you’re not willing to put in a little time and effort you’re not a good fit for this program.

What is your refund policy? +

We are fully committed to helping you grow your business via social media. If you undertake the program and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. We do this because we take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of encouragement and action-oriented learning. However, we do require you have completed the coursework. This means you must take action in this program. We know that if you take action and do the work, you’ll get results.

Do I need any prior knowledge? +

You need to be actively managing your business social media pages already. Why? Well, this is not an absolute beginners course. This is a program designed for busy marketers and business owners who want to take their social media from mediocre and create a masterplan for success. That does mean you have to have some prior knowledge of how to run your social networks by posting, replying, changing imagery etc.
This means as long as we run the program – you have access. We're planning to continue to run this program for a number of years. With each yearly relaunch, new content will be added and we plan to keep it up to date as best as possible (social media changes at such a rapid pace). So just to clarify – you have access to this program for as long as we run it (that translates in the online world to one year and hopefully much longer as we fully plan to run this program for many years to come as a premium course).

Is the course only for Tourism & Hospitality Businesses? +

All case studies and examples are tourism and hospitality based as that’s my field of expertise. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t gain immense benefit from undertaking this course if you’re not running a business in this area. Current best practices in social media marketing span most industries. However, I'm more than happy to chat and answer your specific queries if you want to join the course but don't really know if this training program is a good fit for your business.

How do I access this course once I’ve paid? +

Once you’ve paid, you’ll be directed to a page where you can create your unique account to log in. From there you will receive instructions.  You can access this area plus the online forum through you unique log in account on our website.

What if I’ve got a few more questions? +

Not a problem. You can email us direct at and ask away.

Get real results – join Social Media Essentials for Tourism, Hospitality, Food & Wineries today!

Please note this is in Australian Dollars – we understand most of our current audience is Australian based. However, you are most welcome if you are joining us from other countries, but please take into consideration the conversion rates (they most probably will work in your favour!)

Get Real Results

Over 40 lessons with videos & worksheets

Private Facebook Group

Access to Resources Library

Flexible Learning with Lifetime Access

  • Jane Evans, The Provendary
    One of the fantastic but potentially challenging things about social media marketing is that everyone comes to it with a different experience and a different expectation, and also it’s evolving all the time. Tania clearly keeps up to date with the latest.
    Jane Evans, The Provendary

Our goal is to empower you to take action and gain business growth through social media. We hope you’ll join us for Social Media Essentials for Tourism,  Hospitality, Food and Wineries.

Get real results – join Social Media Essentials today!